B2B to B2C: Bluedart’s journey with us

B2B to B2C: Bluedart’s journey with us

By Vinculum - Feb 9, 2016

Bluedart DHL – the largest logistics network in India:

Bluedart DHL is South Asia’s premier courier and integrated logistics company. The organization has an extensive network of over 34,267 locations and presence in more than 220 countries via their parent group – DHL, the leader in express distribution services.

THE PROBLEM:  the Company’s challenge 

Bluedart DHL was traditionally working on a B2B model, and therefore, moving to the B2C eCommerce was a challenge. Their challenges included:

  • Lack of visibility across locations and warehouses.
  • No tracking of inventory.
  • High turnaround time due to inefficient order management processes.

Thus, the organization needed a system that along with solving their business problems was specialized for the B2C eCommerce space and was:

Thus, the solution was Order management and Warehouse management in one complete package.

THE SOLUTION – How we helped:

Vin eRetail is a SaaS-based suite– that includes features such as order management, warehousing, returns management etc. to enable multi-channel retailing for businesses. Our flexible WMS system helped them:

  • Implement a WMS for 1.5 lakh sq. of warehouse.
  • Fulfill orders via multiple warehouses.
  • Segregate inventory on the basis of clients.
  • Handle 10-15k shipments per day.
  • Have real-time visibility of inventory.
  • Integrate Hand-held UI and optimize operations.

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