DTDC powers eCommerce fulfillment with Vinculum’s Cloud-based WMS

DTDC powers eCommerce fulfillment with Vinculum’s Cloud-based WMS

By Vinculum - Jun 24, 2016

DTDC Express Limited, India’s largest delivery network, has been operating for over 25 years across 10,000+ locations.

Apart from being a master at regular courier/parcel delivery service, DTDC is now a major player in the space of eCommerce fulfillment, cross-border eCommerce trade, warehousing and other services that deliver value to their customers.

Our Engagement:

Vinculum is enabling DTDC  to complete the entire cycle of eCommerce fulfillment for its clients. Its cloud-based WMS, Vin eRetail WMS is helping DTDC with:

  • Integration with multiple channels for order capturing and fulfillment.
  • Tracking and Managing Inventory for multiple clients in a single location.
  • Deliveries and Reverse Logistics.
  • Managing all Warehousing Operations.
  • Running multiple warehouse locations in a single instance.

Global Business to Consumer eCommerce sales have witnessed a sharp growth over the last few years. eCommerce fulfillment is critical to enabling this growth. The sector has seen over US$5oo million invested in 2015 by Indian investors alone, with the aim to create 3PLs focussed on eCommerce fulfillment. Read more about how eCommerce fulfillment enables Multi-Channel Retailing here:

eCommerce fulfillment and Multi-Channel Retail









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