Derive meaningful business information with our Multi Domain MDM Solution Multi-domain MDM is a single solution to maintain one trusted repository of master data across product, customer, supplier, employee, location, asset, and more categories. Vinculum’s Multi-domain MDM provides a unique platform to ensure an integrated view of all data sets resulting in improved governance and better resource allocation.

Save Cost: One solution for all domains

360 degree view of data

Enhanced enterprise level data integration

Easy to ensure standards

Key Features

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  • Multi Entity MDM - Customers, Products, Suppliers, Location etc.
  • Data Governance - Data Stewardship, Business Rules and Collaborative Workflow
  • Robust De Duplication - Levenshtein Algorithm, Jaro Winkler, Exact, Standardised Exact etc.
  • Smart Survivorship - Auto and Manual Merge
  • Hierarchy Management - Multi and Multiple Hierarchy, Ragged Hierarchy etc.
  • Flexible Data Modelling – Database Agnostic (Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, NoSQL, Mongo, Cassandra etc.)
  • Supports all Architectures - Registry, Coexistence, Centralised and Consolidation
  • Data Standardization and Enrichment - Enrich Data using global standards like GS1, GSDN, EAN, UPC , ISBN for Product and Trillium, Global Z for Customer
  • Industry Templates for Ecommerce Marketplaces, Retail etc.
  • Styles of Implementation - Collaborative, Operational, Analytical and Hybrid.



Social MDM

Connect social media sites & MDM to access applications within social sites and enrich customer profiles within MDM with social data from Facebook, Linked In, Twitter and other social networking websites.

Mobile MDM

Mobile Governance, Mobile eCommerce Integration, Mobile Analytics


MDM on Hadoop Platform for smart and quick matching with Mongo DB, Cassandra and Graph databases. Adoption of Machine Learning for faster De-Duplication.


With Vin MDM’s Customer Data Integration solution organizations can achieve critical customer information flow in real time and know more about their existing customers like what they have bought and plan to buy, the various channels they interact through and much more. With this solution organizations can make better business decisions and easily recognize and meet the needs of the customers.

Do more than registering your customer data

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  • Maintain complete view of customer information across all customer touch points
  • Identify duplicate customers across multiple transaction channels
  • Improve marketing operations and CRM analytics by maintaining a complete picture of the customer
  • Apply data cleansing, matching and merging rules to maintain accurate and complete customer information
  • Integrate customer data from social media sites like Facebook to existing Customer Data Enterprise using Social MDM feature of CDI



Vinculum’s Master Data Governance solution supports end-to-end data governance including Data stewardship, Collaborative workflow, Business rules & policies, and Business glossary

Implement Master Data Governance to

Author your Data & Improve Data Quality

Improve ROI

Better Business Decisions

Enhance Customer Experience

Key Features

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  • MDG's collaborative workflow module to assign roles of Data Stewardship, Approver/Rejecter
  • Data Governance to manage and maintain authorized data in the organizations
  • MDG's Data stewardship bench to determine the match and no-match cases deciding the survivorship of individual attributes
  • Device master data strategies by implementing business rules & policies
  • MDG business glossary provides a platform for creating and managing an enterprise vocabulary and classification system.



Vinculum’s DQ solution helps organization in achieving high quality of data by following data profiling, standardization, enrichment, and de-duplication processes

Drive quality in your data with our DQ solution

Data Profiling

Data Cleansing

Data Standardization

Data Enrichment

Key Features

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  • Data Discovery to explore the data in all existing data source systems and collect valuable statistics and evaluate the actual content, structure and quality of the data.
  • Data Explorer to drill down into individual data sources and view specific records
  • Set data standards and Identify data that fails to conform to specified internal and global standards such as GS1, EAN, UPC, SKU or part number forms etc.
  • Apply custom business rules to your data to identify records that cross certain thresholds, or that fall inside or outside of defined ranges.
  • Built-in data connectors to easily access a wide range of databases, file types, and applications, all from the same graphical console.



Our DI (Data Integration) solution integrates any type of data (structured, unstructured or semi structured) from disparate data sources into one single application to gain a unified view of all your data.

DI Concept Diagram

Key Features

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  • Integration with SAP & other ERP Systems like Oracle, JDA, etc.
  • Big Data Integration: Parsing and Integration with Mongo DB, Cassandra, Hadoop etc.
  • Ecommerce Integration: Integration with Shopify, Opencart, Magento etc.
  • Transformations: Transform data with the help of inbuilt transformations like Joiner, Aggregation, Union, Filter, Look Up, Calculation, Router, Cases, Expression (Concat, Substring, Conversion etc.)
  • Wide range of Universal Connectors
  • Metadata Management and Data Lineage
  • Proactive Monitoring, Alerts, Debugging and Governance
  • High Availability and High Performance Engine