Spotlight: Vinning with Jaypore and how!

Spotlight: Vinning with Jaypore and how!

By Vinculum - Mar 2, 2016

Jaypore – a leading curated online store

Delhi-based Jaypore, one of India’s premier online platforms for contemporary Indian apparel, jewelry, home accents and more, has raised US $5 million in its first round of institutional funding.

The online retailer, established in 2012, sources the best designs from local artists and craftsmen from all over India and delivers them at exceptional value to its members. It is present in major regions, offering its services in countries like USA, UK, and India. 

Here’s how we helped them scale –

The bottlenecks

As the venture grew; it faced several operational issues. Most of their reports were manual, and so they faced problems of inaccurate and repeated data. Their challenges included –

  • Business processes were out of sync, as there was no single system in place.
  • Due to the absence of a central database, accessing information across processes was difficult.
  • Manual management of data often led to a mismatch in data entries.
  • Returns management was tedious – since there was no concept of tracking goods.
  • Lack of reliable product and vendor information.
  • Storage of data in silos meant that data was shared via email and hard copies, leading to security issues as well as high consumption of in-house resources.

What the company needed was a single solution that could manage its information, offer a single view of data across channels and processes so as to allow it to remove inefficiencies from its systems and bolster its operations.

How we helped

Vin eRetail is our SaaS-based suite– that includes features such as order management, inventory management, warehousing, returns management etc. to enable multi-channel retailing for businesses.

Our system helped them scale up their business operations, by delivering on the following values:

  • Real-time inventory sync: By offering them integrations with web-stores, we ensured real-time syncing of inventory, orders.
  • Improved Supplier Collaboration: Implemented seller panel for supplier outstanding reconciliation, and better coordination.
  • Integrations with 3PLs: Provided real time tracking with the solution.
  • Introduced Merchandising Management for easier SKU creation.
  • Ability to generate reports and invoices.

Speaking of their collaboration with Vinculum, Puneet Chawla, CEO said – “Vin eRetail has been a reliable solution for us – right from warehouse management to order processing to inventory and returns management. It had no upfront cost – which was an important consideration for us. One of the most useful features of this solution was its ready integrations with logistics companies and front-ends, which made the entire process very simple.

Mr. Chawla signed off, saying, “All in all, I would say that it has really helped us save a lot of time and effort, and it has made us a lot more efficient.”

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