How eCommerce Integrations can help you grow your Online Business.

How eCommerce Integrations can help you grow your Online Business.

By Vinculum - Jul 6, 2016

An eCommerce integration is how an online business interacts with its online sales channels (e.g. web stores, marketplaces, etc.), backend operations (order management, inventory management, etc.), and shipping/delivery providers.

If you’re selling online, you need to scale up your business. For any online business to grow in scale, it needs integrations to sales channels like its own website and marketplaces to increase reach and offer more conveniences to customers. A business would also need to keep its data consistent across enterprise systems and deliver to customers via shipping partners.

For any online business, there are 3 components –

  • Web interface –  This is how the business interacts with the customers. Your own website such as is your own personal store. These web stores are built on SaaS-based platforms such as Shopify, PrestaShop, MartJack, Drupal, etc. Businesses may also sell on multiple marketplaces.
    Backend– A business manages its day-to-day operations via its backend. This includes managing orders, creating a single inventory pool to assign and fulfill orders correctly for timely, efficient delivery.
  • Delivery – The ability to fulfill online orders and manage returns through shipping and fulfillment companies. Here the ability of a business to quickly process orders and deliver them to customers in the shortest possible time is crucial.

As businesses grow, complexities owing to scale and size increase. Here, these integrations are crucial to helping the business scale up and manage vendors.

eCommerce Integrations to grow your business

Types of integrations:

  1. Integration to Web-fronts: Web-fronts are SaaS-based solutions on which u can build your web stores.
  2. Integration to Marketplaces: Businesses may want to list on multiple marketplaces both domestically and globally to be able to acquire more customers and increase their sales.
  3. Integrations to Shipping companies/Fulfillment companies: To be able to effectively deliver goods, a system needs to leverage the services of these companies.
  4. Integrations to Retail and Accounting systems: To make sure all their data is in sync across the enterprise, organizations need to be integrated these ERP and retail systems.

eCommerce integrations to grow your business


Vin eRetail is a SaaS-based retail suite for multi-channel retailing. With ready integrations to leading marketplaces, third party logistics companies , financial and retail systems it makes it easy for Sellers on Marketplaces, eTailers, Marketplaces, 3PLs, CPG, and Brick n Mortar Retailers to sell and manage the order management and fulfillment processes easily.

Check out the complete list of integrations here.

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